The Ups and Downs when Choosing a Roof for Your Castle

While deciding on the right roof might not be your first thought over coffee in the morning it’s something you should definitely consider. The roof is important because it keeps you warm and dry. Let’s get down to the shingles and tiles, or as we like to say in roofing terms: nuts and bolts. It’s not easy to pick the perfect roofers Charleston, SC.

There’s a wide variety of materials available, including asphalt tiles, terracotta ceramic tiles and sleek metal. Each material is different in terms of durability, price, and aesthetics. Asphalt shingles can be found in a wide variety of colors, and they are very affordable. They’re the chameleons that are used in roofing. They adapt well but are not always noticed until they impress you after installation. Metal roofing is the ultimate protection against severe weather. It can be used to lower cooling costs by reflecting the solar radiant heat.

The sound of rain dancing on a metal roofing system is a natural symphony that’s completely free. Let’s take a look at a dilemma homeowners often face: the balance between longevity and cost. It is tempting to sacrifice on quality in the name of a lower upfront price. The cost of repairs and replacements can be huge if you choose a lower-quality model. It’s like choosing between a DSLR camera and a disposable one. Both will capture the moment, but the DSLR has superior durability and performance. Installation is an important step in our roof ballet.

This isn’t something most people should attempt to do themselves, unless you’re a professional acrobat and have great balance. Professional roofers know what they’re doing and can help you avoid potential problems that may never even occur to you. Did you realize that poor attic venting can turn your roof into an overheated oven? Cooking in your attic, without enough airflow to circulate it, can cause the roof to age faster than you could say “bake-sale.” A skilled roofer knows where and how best lay down materials for maximum breathability. Also, don’t forget Mother Nature.

Roofs should be durable enough to resist Mother Nature’s mood swings. It’s here that local knowledge can be invaluable. Hiring a person who understands regional weather patterns allows you to make the perfect choice of roof. It’s time to consider aesthetics. After all, looks do matter! Your roof’s style should blend seamlessly with your home, like peanuts and jelly. Mismatched roofs are like wearing polka-dots with plaid – it just feels wrong. Many people overlook color until it is too late.

While lighter hues reflect heat (reducing cooling costs), darker tones absorb it (ideal in colder climates). Are you unsure what colors will suit your home the best? Do not worry, we have color swatches to help you with any design dilemma. Let me leave with this nugget. The roofs are silent heroes. They ask for little but protect all under them, day in and day-out from what life has to throw their way.

When you’re enjoying your morning coffee, and looking at the rainy weather outside, don’t forget to say a quick thank-you. You’ll feel surprised how much better it will make you! Re-roofing is a good idea, as it will give your home a harmonious look and feel.

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